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The following are testimonials from some of our members :

"Thank you so much for this information. I am blown away at what I have learned so far. And, I have only begun to scratch the surface."

 - Fayth


"This is to convery my deep gratitude for all your immense energy and effort as shown in imparting your wisdom and wealth of experience in this training. You are amazing and blessed with an awesome gift of mentoring and facilitating cutting-edge knowledge and information on how to fully benefit my future clients. You give fresh perspectives on how to understand the intelligence and beauty of the interrelationship and interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit system to relearn, retrain, and harness the power of healing itself through stress and relaxation management. You and the interactive learning environment created with my co-learners capture my interest with your enthusiasm for teaching and I feel confident that I am receiving the best training preparation as a new biofeedback professional."

Sister Mary John Cristobal, SFCC, PhD

"...a fantastic resource in my continued learning. Prior to this service, my learning about the system was based on my initial basic CBT training, and my own personal client experience, (which involved a lot of figuring out through trial and error how to best interpret and use the information). This CBS Supervision call has truly been the missing link for me and has been filling in so many gaps I had in my ability to utilize this system to its fullest potential! Users of this resource can benefit tremendously from Linda's many years of experience in this field, and accelerate their learning curve with this system.

Thanks for making this available to us and for sharing this wealth of information. I was literally starving for it and am so excited to have come on board!"

Erika Elmuts, CN, CBT

"Phil brings an enthusiasm, pace, and support level which are rare to find.He tunes in to each individual in a way that is powerful and provocative. Phil embodies and implements very smoothly all of the techniques he teaches and truly shines as a motivational coach and trainer. After years of classes, I thoroughly enjoyed Phil's guidance and personalized insight."

Sharon Bock, Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine